[{About}.{Biosphere Infinity} Project]

The Biosphere Infinity (BSI) Project seeks to deliver living standard comfort, mobility, health, security and prosperity at the range of human lifestyles — while not extinguishing Life-support System Earth while we’re doing it.

A functional Life-support System Earth inherited by our children and their grandchildren into infinity is an objective of the BiosphereInfinity Project.  The project genesis flows from the Biosphere Infinity Thesis asking the question “In the face of increasingly iminent tragedy for our children already visible on the horizon caused by human activity on Earth and If humans desire to conserve Life-support System Earth for their children’s grandchildren can it be achieved by re-designing, re-engineering and re-integrating a sustainable living standard that supports the myriad human lifestyles to be demanded from transaction economies as responsible consumers — will Americans lead, lag or freeload?

Life-support System (LSS) Earth, Biosphere One, is facing ecosystems degradation and toxicity towards all life where the current vector points towards significant life extinction — including humans, civilizations and their economies.  The source of the brewing storm that portends life extinction on LSS Earth are the myriad human living standards and lifestyles constructed from technologies, products, services and living standard designs we humans integrate to deliver comfort, mobility, health, security and prosperity.

The Biosphere Infinity Project is seeking collaboration. Collaborators acknowledge that the HRV1 Human Responsibility Value is included in the Value Set that motivates their living standard behaviors. HRV1 is expanded into the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Biosphere Infinity Manifesto to achieve the first-level decomposition of the Moral Economy (MEC) Transition Engineering system requirements. Individuals or organizations that wish to collaborate building the Life-support Systems sector of the Moral Economy would further understand the project after reviewing the CONOPS/Manifesto.

Further understanding of the project can be gained by reviewing the Definitions, Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations section of the MEC Description Document at DefinitionsMatter.com