[{American} Living Standard {2050NOW}.(V0.1)]

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2050NOW ValueLinc Vision

The 2050NOW American Living Standards (LVSTD) re-imagine a living standard where our highest human and American values are embeded in the TP&S we demand from our marketplace. Envisioning the beginnings of a moral economy of moral marketplaces.

The 2050NOW Living Standards are characterized by the optimism that American’s are capable of valuing, designing and marketing the highest quality living standards in the world as measured by moral maturity, design innovation, LSS eco-performance and Moral Economy Prosperity as it trains its intention on meeting the 2050 Inflection Point.

The 2050NOW American Living Standards seek to re-design, re-engineer, and re-integrate with existing and emerging technologies to continually improve to produce the highest eco-performing TP&S in the world gaining pre-eminance for global competition.

2050NOW LVSTD Baseline

The moral marketplace is maturing and many living standard technologies, products and services are off-the-shelf ready for reintegration. The social demand (Z-Axis CGG) is growing but still to small to produce the transaction economy performance needed.