[{Biosphere Infinity Manifesto} CONOPS (V1.0)]

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Our Children’s Grandchildren (GEN4X)

[{Human Responsibility} Value (HRV1).(1.0)]

To Honor, Protect and Defend, Into Perpetuity,  Life-support System Earth, God’s Creation, Our Children’s Rightful Inheritance to Infinite Inter-generational Wealth.

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[{Biosphere Infinity Manifesto} CONOPS (V1.0)]

Honor: Discuss Responsibility, Inform Knowledge (Values SocialSphere)

  • We Honor our life-support system when we inform and educate our knowledge to the degradation and toxicities that our industrially-designed Living Standards have created.
  • We honor our Life-support System when we understand that there are direct links (VectorLinc) between our individual, community and national [Value]s and the demand consequences of the [LivingSystem]s technologies, products and services (TP&S) every individual consumer demands from the transaction economy.

Protect: Design Responsibility (Design EcoSphere)

  • We protect our life-support system when we (values-embed) our Collective-Mind knowledge and intelligence into responsible Living Standard designs.
  • We protect our life-support system when we re-engineer the values-based requirements of Responsibility Consumers demanding responsibility to their values from their technologies, products and services.

Defend: #DemandResponsibility (Market TechnoSphere)

  • We defend our Life-support System, God’s Creation by courageously changing our behavior — and this is the hard part: #HomeOfTheBrave.  It requires each one of us to demand responsibility from ourselves – it requires behavioral change — it requires courage — it requires Living Standard Moral Maturity.
  • We defend our Life-support System (LSS) Earth by performing our spoken values and #DemandResponsibility from the transaction economy marketplace to deliver Values-embed technologies, products and services.

Defending LSS Earth, God’s Creation, our children’s rightful inheritance of infinite inter-generational wealth requires each of us to accept the responsibility to be responsible — and perform it.

Into Perpetuity

If I am X then 4X is my children’s grandchildren.

My children’s grandchildren represent a generation that I can not reasonably expect to receive anything from or most likely ever meet.  To value their Life-support System as a Wealth Asset is a selfless values-driven morally mature behavior.

The meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade I shall never sit. Nelson Henderson

3X does not imply “into perpetuity”:  Behaving for “My grandchildren” (3X) is oftentimes used to imply selfless behavior; however, for purposes of the HRV-101 definition 3X is considered remaining in the less than selfless range of Moral Maturity.

Our Life-support System, God’s Creation

How Are We Alive? God or Physics?  It Doesn’t Matter!

The Creation is our children’s Life-support System Earth: Same Definition different Titles.

Created by God or Physics — to give life and to sustain life.  And,  protected by The Constitution of The United States.

The Big Bang, Parallel Universe or The Big Guy?  Don’t care.  And neither should any person who values their lives, the lives of our children and their grand children:  HRV-101 Value.

Life-support System Earth: The M.O.A.S

The Mother of All Living Standards —  LSS Earth — is essentially a values-embedded engineering design model that specifies how [LivingStandard]s and [LivingSystemTechnology] should be designed and engineered (By Any Species On LSS Earth).  Viewed as a standards Body-Of-Knowledge; LSS Earth describes how we are to inter-operate with the M.O.A.S. or be dis-integrated from that which gives life and sustains life.

Life-support System Earth is common ground among people for whom high levels of Moral Maturity as a human values requirement, as a spiritual requirement, and as a parental requirement are valued, spoken and performed.

Our Children’s Rightful Inheritance

The Constitution of The United States guarantees each of us “…the right to life…”

No Life-support System:   No Life!

It’s very simple: Value your life-support system (Earth/The Creation) and you value our children’s lives — you value your life!

Infinite Inter-generational Wealth

Life-support System (LSS) Earth — as designed — is a Wealth Asset that produces Food, Air and Water profits — not to mention every other profit known to man.  As a Life-giving and sustaining asset, LSS Earth is the greatest inter-generational Wealth Asset that is not only a rightful inheritance of our children as a human being or — God’s children — but Life is guaranteed as a right in The Constitution of The United States.

LSS Earth is an infinite or unlimited wealth asset: but at this stage of human living standard behavior, LSS Earth requires Wealth Asset Management to remain resilient against degrading and contaminating threats: Most Notably {NotResponsible}[LivingStandard]s that do not perform at responsible levels of Moral Maturity.

LSS Earth is The Golden Goose of Life so to speak.  Kill the Goose and no more eggs–for anyone.  The health of the goose is degrading and there is cancer emerging.  It is time for Living Standard Moral Maturity to perform as our LSS Earth Wealth Asset Manager whose objectives as manager are to integrate the Collective Mind with the Invisible Hand guided by the Universal Heart: Values-driven Responsible Systems Design (VDD).

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